Something new and unique is hidden within the traditional, it only waits to come into bloom: this is the brand of KOSAE.

Lovingly, new forms have been developed which find their fulfil-ment in the jewellery of KOSAE. Forms are archetypes which have their origin in nature and in culture all over the world. They create a link between spirituality and culture and help find a universal link of understanding worldwide.

Patterns transformed into jewellery.


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KOSAE helps us to properly look at the world and contemplate and enjoy even the smallest of details: take two disks, for example, lying above each other, look at them and realize how their beauty unfolds in little movements. How pleasing it is to notice movements of symmetry and asymmetry ( e.g. ROSETTO KOMPLEX)

... to discover differences in ICEFLOWER ...

... or to follow the three dimensional power of OPTICAL ILLUSION.

Unique patterns meet high-quality precision craftsmanship - made in Germany. This not only combines craftsmanship with modern techno-

logy, but also ensures a high standard of quality and honesty.


KOSAE treads a new path by using real copper with wood inlays, or by combining brass with bronze.

Coco Chanel once said that jewellery should adorn a person, not make her look wealthy. This is what KOSAE intends to achieve when looking  for harmony between material, form and idea.



With elaborate jewelery packaging KOSAE pays attention to sustainability

by using recycled paper.


The designer and founder Hendrike Roers has been working intensi-

vely with ornaments and repeating structures for more than a decade.

Some of these patterns are now, for the first time, also being used for

the two jewellery collections. Hendrike Roers is a graduate jewellery

and product designer (Master of Design) and a trained goldsmith.

Hendrike Roers (exterrnal link)

Vita (external link)


Atelier in Berlin:


Ebersstraße 42

10827 Berlin



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